• - Take off from the helicopter site and climb to a height of 1500ft above the ground, whilst approaching the magnificent Victoria Falls.
  • - The pilot will inform you of various landmarks of interest all along the route.
  • - You will do one and a half orbits right and left to enable the passengers on both sides of the helicopter to video, photograph and view the mighty Victoria Falls.
  • - Once complete over the falls your pilot will fly towards back over Chamabondo National Park where one can see Elephant and Hippo dependant on the time of year.
  • - The pilot maneuvers over to Chamabondo National Park where there are several herds of giraffe, buffalo, wildebeest and from time to time elephant.
  • - It is a lot to see and you see it all, and believe me you do it all in just one short flight, and so from here the pilot returns to the


  • - Take off from the helipad and proceed low level over gently undulating landscape with its Baobab trees, Mopani trees and Acacia shrub, to the mighty Zambezi Gorges.
  • - At rapid number 21 the pilot will gently lower the helicopter into the the belly of the Batoka Gorge with its 800ft towering shoulders of rock. An exciting flight down river past rapid 22 – 23 – 24 – 25.
  • - At rapid 26, which is a very long and straight rapid, the pilot increases speed to lift out of the gorge, a towering 880 ft above you.
  • - Once clear the pilot then turns around and heads back to the fall passing several cultural villages underneath.
  • - At this stage the fall spray will be visible and at approximately 2 miles the pilot climes up to 1500ft above the ground to reveal the Majestic, the Mighty, Victoria Falls.
  • - The final leg of this spectacular flight is Game viewing.
  • - The pilot will now proceed over Long Island, and the river on both sides of the Island looking for hippo, elephant and some of the large crocodiles that bask on the banks of the mighty Zambezi.