Safety Information


On entry to the Helicopter you will be safely belted in and instructed on the use of the head sets. Seat Belts must be worn at all times during the flight. Please DO NOT release the seat belt unless instructed by the pilot or ground crew. Please do not move your seat position during the flight.


Your line of approach and departure from the helicopter should always be in the "SAFE AREA" where the pilot can see you. DO NOT stand upright under the main rotor blades. You will be escorted to and from the helicopter.


UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MUST YOU APPROACH THE REAR OF THE HELICOPTER! The Tail Rotor is particularly dangerous as it is close to the ground and difficult to see. Passengers are requested not to go to the baggage compartment. Please inform the ground crew if you have baggage to stow or remove.


In the event of an emergency arising the Captain will do his best to keep you informed. Please follow any instructions he may give & observe the following rules.
DO NOT attempt to engage the Captain in conversation
DO NOT attempt to loosen your seat belt or open the doors until the helicopter is stationary on the ground and the rotors have stopped turning